To date we have produced three documentaries about the rich history the Scarsdale area, narrated by our Historian and Vice President, Barbara Shay MacDonald, and directed and edited by Lesley Topping: 

  • A River Returns, a History of the Bronx River

  • Scarsdale in the 18th & 19th Centuries: From Hardscrabble Farms to Gracious Estates

  • A Tour of the Cudner-Hyatt House

You can watch two of the documentaries by clicking the links below. Our most recent film, A River Returns, a History of the Bronx River, is currently being shown at various locations in Westchester. Check our blog page for screening announcements or follow us on Facebook.

This half hour documentary explores the history of Scarsdale through its early farmhouses and 19th-century estates. To find out more about the history of slavery in New York and Scarsdale see this article. Additional photos and information on Heritage Homes can be found here.

This film looks at the history of the Cudner-Hyatt House and the 19th-century museum created by the Scarsdale Historical Society. The Cudner-Hyatt House is one of Scarsdale's earliest existing farmhouses and it was the home of two families, the Cudners and Hyatts, for over two centuries. Barbara Shay MacDonald, Historian for the Scarsdale Historical Society, guides us on a tour of this museum and its history. For additional information see this article.