Scarsdale Historical Society Agrees to Sell Property; Cudner-Hyatt House to Be Protected

The Cudner-Hyatt House, circa 1900.

The Cudner-Hyatt House, circa 1900.

The Scarsdale Historical Society has entered into an agreement to sell its property at 937 Post Road, including the Cudner-Hyatt House and the Quaker Meeting House to a local residential developer.  The sale is subject to a Historic Preservation and Conservation Easement which will ensure the preservation and protection of the Cudner-Hyatt House. 

The sale of the property is contingent upon the approval of an application to be filed for a subdivision limited to three lots.  The purchaser intends to relocate (or rebuild, if necessary) the Cudner-Hyatt House to a location on the property closer to Post Road and Lee Road.

The sale is also subject to a number of other contingencies, including the approval of an application to be filed with the Village Zoning Board of Appeals, approval by the Scarsdale Historical Society members and the approval of the New York State Education Department and the Attorney General’s Office.

“The Scarsdale Historical Society is very pleased to enter into this transaction and is thrilled that the Cudner-Hyatt House will be preserved for future generations.  This transaction will enable us to expand our efforts to preserve and make available to the public historical information about Scarsdale and Westchester in new and exciting ways,” said Randy Guggenheimer, Scarsdale Historical Society President.

The Scarsdale Historical Society will continue to preserve and make history easily accessible to the public through grants to digitize, preserve and catalog primary source material that is part of the Society’s collection as well as primary source material owned by other organizations.  The public will then have access to all of this material through the Society’s website ( and other digital platforms.  The Society will also continue and increase grants to promote, fund and encourage the publication of books and materials regarding Scarsdale’s and Westchester’s history and to fund and produce documentaries regarding Scarsdale’s architectural and cultural history.  The Society currently has a video tour of the Cudner-Hyatt House available for viewing on its website.  The Society will continue to hold and promote events to display items from the Corporation’s collection and engage the public to share historical items and primary source material with the community and respond to telephone, email and social media requests regarding Scarsdale’s history.   

About the Scarsdale Historical Society

The Scarsdale Historical Society exists to discover, preserve, and disseminate historical information as well as inspire others to learn about and contribute to the history of Scarsdale and the Central mid-Westchester region.